Are You Lost Yet? - Cardiff, March 2018

I met Daniel John Carter two years ago when we started working together in the youth centre where he used to be a youth worker for some time. As already experienced in working with young people he was a great example to follow when planning activities for different projects. We have also worked together on other projects, mainly youth exchanges in Macedonia and Wales.

I also had the chance to work with him on the youth exchange in Wales. Thanks to his leadership, organisational and problem solving skills, the participants had a successful week where they got to use their talents in order to create the new edition of AYLY magazine. As an responsible person Daniel took care of everything, the agenda, the activities within the working hours and out of them. Moreover he used his team-building skills and made the group function as a team that works hard for achieving the goal of the project. In the course of managing this project Daniel showed how much he cared about his colleagues and the participants of the project by being approachable anytime they needed him and helping them create their “masterpieces”. Aiming to a great project, Daniel planned some interesting activities that the participants could write about in the zine, he took everyone to a theatre play, he organised a gig in a local bar for the singers who were participants in the youth exchange, invited local people who are writers to share their stories with the team.

By being always punctual, hard-working, friendly and enthusiastic, he gained the respect of everyone in the team. It was such a pleasure to work and learn from him.

Angela Veljkovska (Educational Support)

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