[Blog] Eduboards Training Course with Shokkin

I've recently been lucky enough to join #Shokkin on a training course called Eduboards. One, it was an amazing training course, really well prepared designed and implemented and two, the organisation is fantastic with great members, staff and an incredible amount of energy that I do not understand from where they get. However, the incredible abilities of Shokkin are not the only thing thing that impressed me. The unbelievable variety of skill-set, intent and character that the group had was quite breathtaking. In contrary to many #Erasmusplus courses there was an utter lack of suspects just travelling and looking to get laid. In fact there was a large variety of actual youth workers, teachers and game-designers rather than people who just volunteered once at their local NGO to stay on the register.

There was a vast amount of learning to be had, not only from the content, but also from my fellow peers. In partcular a number of my quite staunch view points and concepts of the use of games in youth work were directly challenged, altered and improved by colourful characters like 'Streetballer Ricardo', 'Graffiti Marketa' and 'Gameboy Pedro'.

I was not directly challenged by the idea of using the experiential nature of games (in this case board games) as a tool for reflective learning with young people, but I was challenged and developed in my understanding on how to develop a solid experience with in a game for a solid debriefing. From the concept of the balance needed between Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics. The fact that is was not just about having intense versions of these, but having usable, realistic and understandable aspects within these.

If there is one thing I have learnt from this whole process its #testing #testing #testing! The game will be a failure if it is not tested properly, you need to test it with everyone and everywhere possible. This is probably one of the largest learning curves on the project for me and one I will continue to use well into the future.

I am also hugely impressed by the organisation and its family of members. At the testing event in #Tallinn, every single one of their young people turned up in a #StayShokkin T-shirt or Jumper. There were so warm with each other and happy to see each other; and as a recent migrant to #Estonia, this is not something I see often in the culture. I am glad I took the choice to become a member and hope to get more engaged with them soon. again I will just thank them as well as the participants for a fantastic experience (even if I did cut my foot in the river and grabbed a wasp) and great learning opportunity! I hope to see you all again soon. #Eduboards #Gamefication #Erasmusplus #Estonia #StayShokkin #YouthProvision

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