ILAB: Tortona, Italy, March 2018

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Disccusions on ILAB Training Course

I had the pleasure to be a participant in the ILAB (Intercultural Learning and Beyond) a training course which Daniel Carter co-facilitated. Throughout the experience of that training – before, during, and after, he was a very positive presence, always engaged with the needs of us participants and aims of the event, always approachable, always professional. His style of facilitation and mentoring did not just help us in the professional aspects of ILAB, but also aided us in navigating sometimes tricky elements of intercultural learning, both individually and as a group. Having worked with him in ILAB, I hope and look forward to repeating this experience again soon – be it as a participant or co-worker, and would highly recommend anyone to do the same.

Moritz Borchardt, March 2018

Moritz Borchardt - Culture Goes Europe Erfurt

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